War and
Greed and
Hatred and
I thrive.

crawlingforeword: you are one of the only people i follow who really like silent hill 0: so my question is what do you think of Norman Reedus as the model and voice of the new main charter? personally i really like him and think it could be really cool, but I'm also kinda at odds with getting another scruffy looking white guy lol. I really loved Heather, I wish we could get another main girl like her some day (a WOC would be hella rad too) :) but I'm still looking forewords to what the have to show us :D


I feel the same as you… while I love Norman Reedus I was a little disappointed at yet another white male MC like you said. Heather’s one of my favorite main characters in anything, I love how she wasn’t sexualized and was very realistically portrayed (plus, we have the same name). It would be nice to see more variety in terms of main characters in the future but yeah, I’m still giving the game a chance despite that disappointment!  

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